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How it Works

Freelance Paralegal

As a Freelance Paralegal, you sign up and complete your Profile which will be published on this site.  
Legal Employers browse all Profiles as necessary, select and we connect them to you direct.

Legal Employer

As a Legal Employer, you browse our List of Paralegals, make your selection through our Connect link.
We connect your selected paralegal to you direct.
All arrangements are made directly between Paralegal and Legal Employer

Freelance-Paralegals.com is the platform connecting ALL Paralegals with Legal Employers.  There are no Agencies.  There are no Agency Fees.  This gives our Freelance Paralegals the ability to charge their own hourly rates.   Agencies will charge a fee to prospective employers or employees, this no longer applies.  

Many individuals do not wish to commit to full time employment because of family or other commitments.  Working as a freelance enables both employer and employee to mutually agreeable working arrangements.

Many employers do not wish to employ on a full time/permanent basis.  They prefer the flexibility that a Freelance, Temp, Long Term, Short term worker offers.

Freelance Paralegals may help to achieve the perfect work-life balance.

If you do not wish to work as Freelance, you can still join us as employers are free to offer all aspects of employment - including permanent positions.

Having signed up, Paralegals can use our Timesheets and Freelance Contract to get started!    Request our Timesheet or Freelance Contract        

Advantages of Being Freelancer

1.    Set your own hourly rates

2.    Work to your set timeframe

3.    Be financially independent

4.    No restrictions on holidays

5.    More time spent with family

6.    Working at different locations, meeting different people

7.    Potential to work from home


Disadvantages of Being Freelancer

1.    No holiday payments

2.    No sickness payments

Freelance-Paralegals do not enter into any disputes between Paralegal and Employer.  If a need arises whereby it becomes necessary to seek legal action, a Letter of Complaint with pre-action letters may be necessary: You-Complain.com 

For Paralegals

If you are already qualified as a Paralegal and wish to work on a Freelance, Temporary, Long Term or Short Term Contractual basis, please complete and submit your information for inclusion onto this Platform.  Potential Employers will browse Profiles, select candidate and contact us direct.  We connect them to you direct.  There are no Agencies.

If you do not have any law qualifications, you can study with OTC-UK, OTC-Canada or OTC-Australia in order to get the relevant expertise.

Working as a Freelance Paralegal appeals to those who wish to enjoy a flexible working lifestyle.

They will require a good level of legal knowledge and the personality to deal with some work pressure as found within a hectic legal environment.

They need to work well under some amount of pressure, be flexible, be able to deal with legal work in a confidential manner and observe a good code of conduct.

Legal Employers seek to employ who they consider to be the best in their field, so it is important to complete your Profile with your best work attributes.

If you have been an OTC student, you can sign up for free for 6 months and cancel without any obligations.

For all other students, an administration fee of £30.00 is payable yearly.  

For Employers

Freelance Paralegals fulfil a role within your legal practice, as often as necessary.  They allow you to have a flexible workforce, dedicated and competent complementary team members.

They can fulfil roles outside of the office such as attending barristers conferences, taking notes within courts of law, attending tribunal hearings, completing conveyancing searches such as Local Authority Searches, Probate submissions and other aspects of outdoor clerical work.

They can provide administration services such as engrossing legal documentation - Wills, Leases, Declarations either from home or from the designated place of work.

You do not pay any fees to connect to any of our Freelance Paralegals.  Once you have selected a paralegal, we will connect her/him directly to you.  All working arrangements will be conducted between Employer and Paralegal.  We do not enter into any contractual arrangements with either party.

There are no Agency Fees!

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